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Roanoke & Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

YOUR Home Plan

Floorplans are like fingerprints.  From a distance, most look the same.  View several hundred in generic plan books, and they blur together en masse.

Your new home isn’t generic, of course.  It will be as unique, as individualistic, as your own fingerprint.  That's why we don't publish house plans.

It is much easier and more satisfying to create home plans together. Collaboration tailors your new home to suit you, and your home's environment, best.


Benefits of Tailored Design


Creating plans together is an easy, comfortable process. We lead guided discussions which focus on your goals, wants, and needs – and then synthesize these into your plan. 

Visual & Participatory

Our process brings the typical dry plan-view pages to life, with three dimensional renderings of color, depth, texture, and photos of actual landscape views. This is often so satisfying, our clients have "Aha !" moments, as in "Of course, I see it !  Why isn't all design done this way ?"


Creating plans in our Design/ Build process is affordable.  We provide more information, and more flexible adaptation to goals and site needs, for less cost than some 'customized' plan book designs.

Better Planning

With three-dimensional computer modelling tools, we show designed rooms with your furniture.  We place the software's camera anywhere inside or outside the house, capturing views from well-planned windows and enabling you to see 'curb appeal' views from any angle.  You can assess the look and feel of interior spaces, before anything is ever built.  We help you visualize roof and siding textures, patterns, and colors - comparing and contrasting color palettes for easier decision-making.


Fits Your Life & Lifestyle

Designing and building - is your opportunity to fit your new home to your life and lifestyle.  In the past, too often houses were made the other way around:  people adapted to, and accepted, a multitude of errors created by someone else for someone else 'just because'.  Your new home should feel 'just right', not be 'just because'.


Timber Ridge Craftsmen, Inc.

One of Virginia's finest home builders, located at Smith Mountain Lake. We are in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just outside of Roanoke and Lynchburg.