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Wind Power

Wind power is an exciting idea, and one that does make sense for many locales.

Although we are in the mountains here, in Bedford ~ Franklin ~ Roanoke Counties of Virginia, these are still relatively gentle ones.  Nearly a million years of time have worn once-mighty peaks and valleys into the lush, gently-rolling woodlands and vales common here.  Smith Mountain Lake is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, true.  Like our weather however, the topography is mild.

With no broad plains  to speak of, as Kansas has, nor deep mountain valleys which could funnel wind flows, Moneta and the surrounding lands offer less wind "resource" than other locales of the country. This is one reason large commercial utility concerns have less interest in wind farming here: there isn't enough wind resource to justify the investment.

This doesn't mean that on a small, micro scale - typical for a homestead - a mini turbine couldn't make sense.  An analysis of your site might find just that - ideal conditions for a small turbine or two.

The mini turbines we have seen locally are done by folks passionate about site-generated renewable energy, and want to supplement other potential sources like solar PV electric, solar thermal, and so forth.

Additionally, turbines require routine maintenance.  The dreaded M word.  It takes a special, driven tinkerer to enjoy that farming, when the harvests are usually modest at best.  In other words - not everyone's cup of tea. 


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