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Tailored Plans

The thought that your new home could be created without any personal consideration of your goals, your needs, your budget, or without any mindfulness of the features, focal points, and offerings of the land to which it is wed - seems both backwards and up-side-down.

Surely the influence of mechanized, cookie-cutter industrial production hasn’t blunted our appreciation of personal care, attention, and craftsmanship. Optimal results don’t necessarily come from innumerable home plan catalogs or tract-developer “pick-one-of-these” models.

A better, more sustainable path is crafting your home to meet your needs, adapted organically to your homesite.

Organic home site design build Smith Mountain Lake Roanoke Blue Ridge Virginia

Timber frame custom design builder Smith Mountain Lake Roanoke Virginia

This natural way allows for so many advantages. A home that is unique and crafted, will be cared for - long after the first move-in day.

Special views and focal points can be framed and accounted for, encouraging the preservation of natural features.

Terrain and topography can be supportive of site development goals.

Solar orientation can be optimized, to benefit energy efficiency.

Rooms and elevations can be planned to support natural living cycles such as sunrise and sunset.

Window heights and overhangs, porches, decks, arbors and trellises can all be crafted to accept and shade seasonal sunlight.




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