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Solar PV

Although this is a promising renewable energy technology, given the abundance of our sun's energy bathing the Earth each moment, the available collector efficiencies makes turning sunshine into usable electric current relatively "expensive".  The installed cost-per-watt calculation, and 'return on investment', are difficult at present. We should however expect the future to be brighter for solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity, and therefore should alter today the manner in which we build: both to conserve energy, and plan for renewable energy building inputs.

Energy Conservation in Building

Whether 'Passive House', 'net Zero Ready House', or 'Pretty Darn Good House' - the goal should be the same: conserve what you can, to reduce your entry threshold to genuine 'net PLUS' Energy living. With all of our brilliance, surely we can aspire to what a tree does naturally: benefit the environment to ensure sustenance, balance, and the continued unfoldment of finer energy consciousness. 

Transmuting sunshine into higher life forms - Sequoias at work and play.



Renewable Energy 'Ready'

This concept of being "ready" for easy renewable energy building inputs is already a feature of advanced programs such as the D.O.E.'s "Challenge Home to Zero net-Energy", championed by Energy-Star chief-architect Sam Rashkin.




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