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NAHB Study: What Does "Green" Mean to Consumers

The National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) shared in a webinar format last week the results of its recent study of more than 3300 consumers who either plan to build, or plan to remodel.  The research was focused on what the term "green" means, specific to desirable features for building and remodeling.

Smith Mountain Lake Custom Home Builder - RESNET Energy Smart Builder

Timber Ridge Craftsmen, Inc. is proud to have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNet), the parent of the HERS Energy Rating System, to demonstrate its commitment to building energy-efficient homes.

Timber Ridge Craftsmen - RESNET Energy Smart Builder

Every home that Timber Ridge Craftsmen, Inc. designs and builds, will be rated, inspected, and scored by a qualified RESNet HERS Rater, to the benefit of each and every client we work with.

Rainbow Over Smith Mountain Lake Home Building

With the turn of the seasons to Autumn, possibly the most beautiful time of the year in these ancient Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, we note a shift in consciousness now to progress and action.  Where for several years home building at Smith Mountain Lake matched the general economy, and was often tentative or tepid, we see now resurgence - a renewal - in clear intent and purpose.  As if we all woke up on a clear, crisp morning, determined that the past was over and it was all up to us to invent the future we desire most.

High Performance hVac - Tues 10 Sept, Roanoke Virginia

Free Workshop, and Everyone is Invited (Registration Required - by 12noon Friday 30 August)

The world of home building is changing.

What we have been calling "High Performance" is now the new standard.  Whether by code or by conscience, whether driven by saving a green planet or saving a green dollar.  This new paradigm has taken solid root - and this is now the NEW NORMAL.

Except most builders and specialty trade contractors lost the memo.  And most owners and developers didn't know to ask - what they didn't know.  Until now.

Everyone is welcome to attend this upcoming workshop.  Owners, developers, educators, builders, remodellers, specialty trade contractors, vendors and suppliers.

Next boom: High Performance Housing - getting new construction owners and builders ready for it!

Virginia Tech Department of Building Construction has partnered with NetPlus Energy to offer Fundamentals of High Performance Housing  August 20-23, 2013 at Bishop Favrao Hall Blacksburg Main Campus.  To view the curriculum go to, to the Registration Tab and review the Four and Two day modules.  It is the first course of it's kind and addresses the consumer demand to build low-energy homes.

The program is dynamic engaging building practitioners and students in hands on "how to, how not to, whys inherent to high-performance best practices and more".


Being active in "green" high-performance building design, construction, and education, we are most frequently asked to provide a definition of what "green" is.

Being easier to define a phrase like "green building" by first explaining what it is not, we offer the following ideas.

Also, we prefer to hew to the core heartwood of the matter - avoiding tangled side branches of sales-speak and hyperbole.  Every day we meet vendors and salespeople who talk in terms of pipelines and supply chains, quotas and margins who twist or stretch the focal point of conversation to obscure larger meanings and implications of actions, products, or systems.  That tendency, is one key reason for confusion surrounding "green" construction.

And so, GREEN BUILDING is not:

'net PLUS' Owner Essentials: 2 Day Workshop - Historic Shepherdstown WV - 11 & 12 October 2013

You are serious about investing the time, money, and effort to build a new low-energy, high-comfort, high-performance home for yourself, or building for your business. Yet the closer you look, you are amazed to find that those you turn to for answers and solutions - don't have any.

Too many designers/ architects, too many builders, and too many vendor suppliers don't have answers to your questions, don't really know where to refer you for good answers, and wish instead you would just settle for the designs and building systems they know and want you to use. But don't worry, you are told. You can nail a few solar panels to your roof, and be as "green" as you want to be.  All is not right, in the world of construction.

And this doesn't just happen a little.  It happens a lot.  You are not alone in sensing frustration with a broken system.

Blue Ridge AIA Architects Presentation - 23 May 2013: net PLUS Energy

We were invited to present at this year's AIA Blue Ridge Sustainability Conference, held in Roanoke Virginia. The focus of our presentation to 40+ design and construction professionals was establishing a proper framework, a logical and systematic approach, to achieving verified 'net PLUS' energy performance.

Best Places to Retire: Roanoke, Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

Recently listed the ten best and ten worst states in the country for retirement.  Virginia easily ranked in the top ten BEST nationally.  The article starts by stating:

"Virginia isn't just for lovers.  It's for seniors looking for an all-around good place to settle down."

Virginia was chosen as a great place to retire, based on criteria including:

  • cost of living
  • access to quality healthcare
  • mild climate
  • low crime rates

To this accurate assessment I would add that within Virginia, there are places to retire even more desirable than others.  Top of that list in my opinion, with no close second, is the Roanoke and Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia area.  Our slice of heaven in this wonderful state features everything on the above list - in spades - but offers additional benefits including:

Workshop: Building Your Dream Home ~ Smith Mountain Lake, VA

 Join us May 14, 2013 Building Your Dream Home Date:   Tues, 14 May 2013 Time:  6pm - 7:30pm Location:  CAPPS Home Center

              13700 Booker T. Washington Hwy (Route 122), Moneta, VA 24121

Event Cost:  No Charge

Event Contact: M. Beth Ruffing # 540.989.2033