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New Home Energy Efficiency (Conservation)


Smith Mountain Lake Home Builder Timber Ridge Craftsmen. Energy efficient builder Moneta, Bedford, Franklin Virginia.

When making decisions about energy-efficient building of your new home, it is helpful to understand several basic tendencies for high-performance homes and energy consumption.  The pie chart on the right serves as a good illustration.

This chart shows modelled annual electricity costs at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia for a new all-electric raised ranch home over full walkout basement, 2332 conditioned square feet along with an attached garage of 728 square feet.  The chart was generated from energy analysis performed in NORESCO's Architectural Energy REM Rate/ REM Design software - one of the leading analysis tools for RESNET's HERS Raters.

Smith Mountain Lake Energy Efficient Home Builder. Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc. Notice that the predicted home "Heating" cost of $363 is still more than three times higher than the home "Cooling".  This matches the typical 3:1 heating to cooling ratio for space conditioning we see in our local Moneta / Smith Mountain Lake Virginia climate.  Also notice that annual heating of this home ~ the entire home ~ will consume less energy than domestic heating of hot water for bathing/ cooking/ cleaning/ washing.  


Energy efficient home design house builder Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc. Moneta, Bedford, Franklin, Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.A key reason for this is that the space conditioning is performed by an efficient air-source electric heat pump (similar to the one pictured above left), while the water heating is performed by a standard but relatively-inefficient electric resistance tank unit (pictured right, with reflective low-emissivity denim-insulation blanket to minimize heat loss).  

Lastly, notice that the predicted usage of lights and appliances for this home is the largest "piece" of the pie.  In the context of this analysis, if considering a more efficient hot water heater for your new home makes a lot of sense, then so does: purchasing ultra-efficient LED lamps and energy-sipping Energy Star appliances, and minimizing those dreaded vampire/ phantom plug-loads with switched receptacles.