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Roanoke & Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

Holism in Design

The work of Cultural Creatives like Christopher Alexander (Pattern Language), Sarah Susanka ('Not So Big House' ethos), and Barbara Winslow (Patterns of Home), has clarified for many the scope of what 'home' means. Detail replaces empty volume. Meaning imbues. Substance and character speak volumes in repose.

Applied to home design, common themes and intrinsically-pleasing patterns emerge. Open floor plans are desired, with an emphasis on connection and social gathering. Casual spaces are preferred to anything rigidly-structured. Kitchen-centric designs satisfy, as the kitchen is intuitively recognized as both ceremonial and functional hub of each day's individual and social activities. Nooks and quiet spaces alongside a larger central core are welcomed. Smart storage and organizing solutions are essential; making do with less "stuff" is easy as long as we know where everything is.

Holism reminds us that things - including buildings - are more than the mere sum of parts. Is it comical to assert the obvious, that people, plants, and buildings are more than functional machines? The anima domus, or spirit of home, is something more than the frozen resonance of structure; is something very palpable and tangible, even when hard to consciously conceive.  The inflowing purpose of place that 'feels right', speaks to us - intuitively. Giving us space to grow in the ways we need.




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