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One of the most important considerations of efficient, sustainable building.Smith Mountain Lake Home Builder Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc.  Energy efficient design build.

During both design and specification planning phases, requirements for energy conservation should be analyzed.  What are your short and long-term goals for reducing energy consumption ?  How much of a real, working budget for the project should be dedicated to improving component and appliance efficiencies.  Though sometimes a misleading metric, what are the simple payback durations for upgrading insulation values or window performance from a baseline, to something more ambitious ?


High performance energy efficient home design builder Smith Mountain Lake Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc.  www.TimberRidgeCraftsmen.comEnergy modelling for occupied buildings is no perfect science, simply because we are using past accumulated data to make predictions about future occupant behaviours and climate conditions.  The results of this modelling however are still very, very useful to inform real decisions during project planning.

The pie chart to the left shows modelled all-electric annual energy costs for a raised ranch home over full walkout basement, 2332 conditioned square feet along with an attached garage of 728 square feet.  Imagine the power and usefulness of this information, put to work in planning your next home building project.


Solar house low energy net zero homes builder Bedford Franklin County Smith Mountain Lake Virginia Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc. www.TimberRidgeCraftsmen.comThe flip-side of the coin for energy conservation, is energy generation.  And the next decade promises exciting advances in practical, affordable site renewable-energy generation.  Living here at Smith Mountain Lake (and the Blue Ridge Virginia counties of Franklin & Bedford), we know that every new home build project should plan how advancements in solar photo-voltaic (PV) electric will be seamlessly incorporated into structure and site development; if not immediately, then on the near-term horizon.

"The future's so bright . . .