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Roanoke & Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

Design ~ Build

Reliance on one unified team to plan and make your new home defines the superior process of Design ~ Build.

Benefits of Design ~ Build

This easy, natural process of creating your new home provides many benefits, including:

Increased Quality

Quality is best understood as the degree to which a project fulfills its requirements. With Design~Build your build team is with you start to finish; requirements and expectations are discussed, understood, recorded, remembered, and fulfilled each step of the way.

Reduced Stress

With one, unified team there are no gaps, no fingerpointing, no woulda/ coulda/ shoulda moments with the owner stranded in the middle of opposing camps at cross-purposes. One team, less stress.

Cost Savings

Simpler, more direct communication. Clarified authority and responsibility. Far fewer misunderstandings. All clear reasons Design ~ Build offers cost savings.

Flexibility & Adaptability

One team, focused on your needs. Able to be flexibile and adaptable to your schedule and objectives throughout the project cycle. No need for you to juggle competing vendors and agendas. Just one schedule - your own. And one team to meet it.

Trusted Partnership

Working through design then specifications together, trust, understanding, good will, and rapport are cultivated. The planning work up front is much like a 'dry run' through the build process. This benefits everyone.

Timber Ridge Craftsmen, Inc.

One of Virginia's finest home builders, located at Smith Mountain Lake. We are in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just outside of Roanoke and Lynchburg.