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Roanoke & Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

Design - Overview

Successful building starts with design.

Design is a primary step. One leg of the triune foundation of:

* design
* specification
* then building

We form our partnership together at the beginning of design, then progress through each of the three key stages in sequence.



Benefits of Home Design

There are a great many benefits to careful design, including:


With casual conversation and guided query, we explore your vision of living in your new home. We walk the ground together, understanding the terrain's features, views, and seasonal solar orientation. From numerous choices and options we focus on core themes, we strengthen your intent, we crystalize a charter vision.


It is wholly natural to have dozens and dozens - if not hundreds - of questions when starting. Most questions focus on the eventual build, but have their origin with design. We answer all of your questions as they occur to you, and suggest additional answers to questions yet to be asked. This allows you to explore the design-specification-build process of crafting your home - in a comfortable, 360-degree method of comprehension.


"What if . . . ?" is an appropriate question asked frequently at this stage. From the "blank slate" & "blue sky" thinking, we develop and define plans together. Options and advantages are explored. Impacts and ramifications are discussed. "Forks in the road" are taken.


Working with a trusted partner who actively listens and understands your goals, someone mindful of your wants, needs and expectations, rewards you with a deeper sense of satisfaction.  


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