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Conferences are critical to the collaborative distribution of knowledge. It is no coincidence that the last decade has seen a veritable explosion in the depth and breadth of professional conferences, for as we evolve in consciousness our need for and acquisition of insight and understanding grows stronger and stronger.

We highly encourage Owners and Professionals to engage in conferences, to partake of the energy and spirit of discovery and best practices.  That is true of all industries, of course - but especially the AEC (architectural, engineering, and construction) industry.  And please don't let the small-minded, selfish, or egotistical relative-few seemingly ever-present at conferences deter you.  There will always be those last-stragglers who insist only they are worthy to keep the eternal flame alive - as high priests or the "chosen" few. Ignore them. Let them be drunk on their own self-important whine.  And get on with having a blast !  There is so much to learn and share.

Here are links to noteworthy conferences in 2013:

RESNET - Residential Energy Services Network/ HERS Rating

ASES - American Solar Energy Society - Solar 2013

AIA Blue Ridge - Sustainability 2013