Craftsmen of Homes


Roanoke & Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

ASES (American Solar Energy Society)

Timber Ridge Craftsmen will be a guest speaker at this year's ASES Solar 2013 Conference held in Baltimore Maryland, Baltimore Convention Center from April 16-20.   Rich will be presenting "Passive House Power: "Net PLUS Now" on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 from 3:15 pm - 4:45 pm (1.5 hours).

This session engages industry design and construction professionals in the practical "how to" of low-energy residential design and construction as exemplified by methodologies  such as 'Passive House'. The fundamental building science and technical requirements to perfecting low-energy building enclosures are discussed, showing application in built structures.  Modern 'Passive House' building practice is examined, as a necessary evolution of traditional passive solar design.  Energy modelling, low-energy consumption metrics, and the performance measurement are synthesized, to set a proper foundation of achieving 'Net Zero' to 'Net Plus' energy goals.