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Achieving Your Goals

Planning may not be glamorous or understood well - but it is essential.  The successes you've experienced in your life were likely to result of planning. When we plan, our opportunities for success are much, much greater. 

Construction in general, and home building in specific, are processes focused on delivering a project. Too often in homebuilding a complete project plan is absent, and success is not defined. Is it acceptable, that too often the largest investment in our personal lives - the creation of our home - is left to chance ?


There are a number of important elements to a complete project management plan.  The core essentials include:


For home building, "scope" involves detailed plans and specifications.  The plan set is developed in concert with your goals at the home site, and includes foundation details adapted to topography, structural & assembly details responsive to site conditions and supportive of energy-efficiency goals, mechanical details also responsive to both local climate and energy efficiency goals, and so forth.

Specifications, commonly lacking in home building projects, supplement a complete plan set.  Specifications are written, categorized descriptions of the materials, components, and systems that will be coordinated in unison to create your new home.  Even though specifications usually are missing from home project planning, builders and trade contractors are still sometimes asked to bid on the "same" project:  a time-wasting exercise producing erroneous 'apples to basketballs' results.  


'Apples to apples' comparison is a common pricing desire.  Without well-defined scope, however, its truly a guessing-game, a wild 'shot in the dark'. 

What does a 'simple' red apple cost ?  What does a green Grannie Smith apple from a local organic orchard cost ?  How about an orange ? or even a basketball for that matter. 

Without well-defined scope, without care and diligence, 'apples to basketballs' is a common pricing result.  From a faulty start like that, budgetary performance can go 'off the rails' quickly.

With a well-defined scope, your knowledge is better than 'apples to apples'.  Your wants and expectations are defined, and achievable.

With well-defined scope, the project budget is a powerful management tool.  Knowledge of financial performance factors like actual cost, budget variance, completed values, and cost-to-complete allow you to make informed decisions:  decisions which can enhance project cost performance and project quality, influence choices on desired options, and so forth.


An obvious project management tool, too-often missing from a builder's toolbox. 

Your project success depends on the use of key management tools such as detailed scope, detailed budget, and a detailed schedule.  Your project success begins by finding the right Design/ Build partner.  Contact us today, to discuss the goals for building your new home.

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