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Roanoke & Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia


Successful building continues with "specifications".

"Specification" is a primary step. One leg of the triune foundation of:

* design
* specification
* then building

We strengthen our partnership together during "specifications", where your goals, needs, expectations, and decisions are elaborated and documented.

Specification is the detailed documentation of requirements necessary to ensure quality and satisfaction are achieved.

Our work together during "Specification" is one of refining and clarifying the build plan. This is where we "take the fork in the road", to determine impacts to your project of "this versus that" feature / benefit/ decision. We educate at length in this phase of planning, since performance characteristics of materials and components are compared, contrasted, and examined with an eye toward integrating and balancing overall goals of durability, energy efficiency, sustainability, budget, schedule, maintenance and operation.

Whenever building-industry participants give short shrift to thorough, detailed specifications, understand that impatience has trumped true service to clients. Further, good specifications are not "boilerplate" or "cookie-cutter" documents.  Specifications must crafted together with YOU, and result from the whole of our discussions and educated decisions as a team.


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