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Advanced Home Building Systems


We are one of Virginia's most diverse home builders.  We have experience and expertise designing and building with a broad spectrum of advanced home building systems, including:  SIPs, Hybrid Timber Frame, ICFs, modular & panelized homes, advanced framing techniques, engineered wood components, and metal frame construction.

SIPs Timber Frame Custom Home Builder Smith Mountain Lake Roanoke Blue Ridge Virginia


Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) offer valuable benefits, including strength, accuracy and speed of construction. 

SIPs must be installed in an air-tight manner, which yields the comfort and energy benefits of dramatically-reduced air-leakage.  Thermal-bridge energy losses through framing members are also substantially reduced with these insulated wall and roof panels. 

SIPs are pre-planned, engineered building system, fabricated under factory quality controls.  Their use reduces on-site construction waste.


Hybrid Timber FrameCustom home builder SIPs Structural Insulated Panels Timber Frame Post and Beam Hybrid Smith Mountain Lake Roanoke Blue Ridge Virginia Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc.

Solid wood timber framing is a tradition centuries old in Europe and America, and over a thousand years old in Japan.  Crafting the core frame of your home from whole logs or timbers is intrinsically beautiful. The beauty of exposed wood structure is exceptionally satisfying. 

Hybrid Timber Framing is a modern technique of adding non-timber-framed rooms around a central timber frame core. Such rooms are framed using a cost-effective combination of SIPs, engineered carrying beams, or traditional framing methods. SIPs are the most common method for hybrid timber framing, due in large measure to their outstanding performance as a structural enclosure with reduced thermal bridging.



ICFsICFs ICF Insulated Concrete Form Custom Home Builder Smith Mountain Lake Roanoke Blue Ridge Virginia Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc.

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are a newer technology employed in some ultra-energy-efficient homes.  ICFs are suitable for both below-grade and above-grade wall assemblies. 

ICF construction offers numerous benefits, including exceptional energy efficiency, air-tightness, greater resistance to wall structural damage caused by windstorms, reduced sound transmission, and greater resistance to moisture damage due to their mass moisture storage/ drying capability. 

Insulated pan/ raft systems are also available, allowing for elevated and insulated concrete floor and roof assemblies.



Modular & Panelized Home Systems

We have experience designing and building with modular home systems, and have a preferred local vendor who excels at creating home modules and wall panels in a factory-controlled environment. We partner with our preferred vendor to create and prepare the foundation on site, set and finish the modules or panels, and complete the home building process from there.

Advanced Framing / OVE - Optimum Value Engineering

Once considered avant-garde, this is now our standard site "stick" framing protocol. Also called OVE - Optimum Value Engineering - this method of framing relies on the following practices to increase the energy and resource efficiency of the home or structure:

  • aligning floor, wall, and roof gravity load paths
  • fewer yet stronger framing members - to increase strength, reduce cost & reduce thermal bridging
  • intelligent detailing of wall structural headers, corners, and intersections
  • use of engineered wood components


Custom Home Builder Green SIPs ICFs Timber Frame Builder Smith Mountain Lake Moneta Goodview Hardy Wirtz Penhook Union Hall Roanoke Bedford Franklin County Blue Ridge Mountains Virginia. Timber Ridge Craftsmen, Inc.Engineered Wood Components

There are numerous options available for fabricated, engineered wood components(EWPs). Some of these can be beautiful, as in the case of architectural glulam beams and posts.  Most EWPs are well-suited for energy and resource-efficient home construction, including:

  • glu-lams
  • structural composite lumber
  • engineered floor trusses
  • engineered roof trusses


Metal Frame & Metal ComponentsMetwood Custom Home Builder Smith Mountain Lake Roanoke Blue Ridge Virginia Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc.

We have experience building with both light and heavy-gauge metal framing, though both are more common to commercial and industrial construction. We routinely employ "Metwood" fabricated beams to strengthen floor systems, increase clear-spans to yield more useable floor space, and create home garages with workshop or storage space below.



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